Thursday, 19 May 2016

Monitor Calibration

It was a surprise that many photographers did not take the monitor calibration process serious enough. Color balance of a monitor is just as essential as the color balance in a photo print. If it is imperfect on the screen when we are working on the photos, the prints or digital photos will not be correct. A simple "garbage in garbage out" theory.

Who Cares?

Anyone who use monitors and working with images. Especially people who are required to deliver images that are color critical or dealing with prints.


There are many advantages but the most important one would be to ensure my monitor / workspace provide a uniform environment that the color / contrast / brightness of the display device are in consistency.

I need to produce professional photos that can also be correctly rendered in another professional monitor other than mine.


As part of the digital workflow, I often calibrate my monitor before I do any critical retouch works.


Most of the modern calibrators are more than capable at their job. I use the Spyder 4 Pro myself. The process vary from one to another but basically follow a similar workflow:

  1. Some manual adjustments required on the monitor to set the brightness and contrast to a starting level.
  2. Place the calibrator on the screen.
  3. The included software will run through some process and takes feed back values from the calibrator for adjustments.

Spyder 4 Pro

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