Tuesday, 30 June 2015

After some success (or luck) with my recent winning in the Canon PhotoMarathon Australia 2015, I have also just won the qualifying round of the Canon PhotoMarathon Hong Kong 2015.

I had 60 hours to shoot the brief "初夏 Taste of Summer". When I first looked at the brief, I told myself to note the difference between "初夏 taste of summer" vs "仲夏 midsummer". Therefore, the idea of shooting a very delicious water melon only crossed my mind for 3 seconds and already abandoned.

Taste of Summer

I shot a silhouette of a palm tree disguising as a coconut tree, in an attempt to establish a linkage from coconut to a beach or an island resort, thus leading to a taste of summer.

As one of the top 20 in the race, I am now qualified (or seeded) to participate in the Canon PhotoMarathon 2015 Hong Kong Main Round, without the need to go through any public registration.

I have also won myself a "Canon For Expert By Expert Limited Edition" tote bag, which will be given to me in an award ceremony on the race day. Can't wait!! :)