Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Canon PhotoMarathon Australia 2015

My photography style has been largely influenced by my film photography experience. My photography motto is about - working behind the camera. I would spend more time to try and get the right shot behind the camera; and less time on post-processing.

I found the Canon PhotoMarathon share the same spirit as my vision. As a rule of the competition, competitors are asked to shoot in jpeg only. After photos are taken, memory cards are plugged in to the printer for the final print out without any post-processing.

No color adjustment. No cropping. No curves. No burning and dodging. All about getting the shot right and firm behind the camera.

Overall, it was a really good experience. It was thrilling and exciting, and I enjoyed every second of the competition.
  • It was a lot of running - like a marathon to me :)
  • I was constantly under pressure but I was able to push myself beyond my limit and adopted to the pace.
  • I learned some new techniques and made some new friends.
  • At the end of the day, I went home with a big smile on my face. That's all it matters.


Briefs are randomly picked. As previously discussed, there are limited time to read, interpret, execute and print.

Here are some of the briefs that I had on the day.


I set a goal for myself to at least win one of the brief and I have accomplished that with extra.

With some luck, I won 3 first prizes and a few second and third. Around $400 worth of photo print vouchers.

Here are my winning shots. They are not my usual standard but is somethings that I managed to muddle up in a short period of time and that is the fun part of this exercise.

Brief: Odd One Out

Brief: Black and White Challenge

Brief: Modes of Transportation

Fun Facts

The physical activities of the competition is intense. I walked / ran 25,892 steps for 19 km and burnt 3422 calories. I reckon I burnt more than that as I was carrying a camera with a few lenses and a tripod.

Besides running and walking, I also utilized the public transports extensively. A combination of trains, light railways and buses helped me to move around within the city area.

I also received some freebies for participation. A tee and a hat.

I took this photo at an attempt for the brief "City Indoor". One of the photo judge Greg who is also an AIPP APPA photo judge shared his thoughts with me. He thinks it has a strong graphical elements and is the best photo of the day, as well as a possibility of an award at state level of competition. Unfortunately I misjudged my own photos and submitted a weaker shot, but still pretty happy with that compliment.

An attempt at brief: City Indoor

Through the Canon PhotoMarathon, I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses, and I will come back strong next year.