Thursday, 26 June 2014

I have been shooting the Australian Badminton Open for 3 years. For the first time, it is upgraded to the Super Series this year. It means the badminton players you get in the competition are at higher ranks, thus a bigger challenge for me to capture the shots, as the shuttle is going to fly faster.

On the bright side though, because the players are more professional and with greater skills, it also creates more photo opportunities for me.


24th - 29th June, 2014


Sydney Olympic Park (As opposed to the previous tournaments - Darling Harbour)


  • Canon 1DX
  • Canon 17-40mm/f4
  • Canon 70-200mm/f2.8
From my experience of Sydney 500 Supercar, I know I wouldn't bring many lenses nor bother with the 2nd camera. I packed everything inside a Lowepro Flipside 400.


I spent about 2 hours today, and I needed to resolve the followings.
  • Do some test shots and find out the environment / venue. See if anything different to previous tournaments.
  • Some players might not proceed to the semi-final / final, so it is better to get some shots now.


Very similar to what I have done in the past so I am not going to repeat again. Australian Badminton Open - Badminton Photography How To


Shot from an elevated angle.
Fairly lucky able to get a shot from the long edge side, but then ran into problems with the bagging area.
Ready for the smash?


  • The A-frames (the ad around the courts) are higher than previous year. This chops out the bottom part when I try to get a low angle shot. 
  • The shooting area is more limited than last year. Cannot shoot from one of the short and one of the long edge side.
  • My knee is pretty tired after awhile as it was uncomfortable to shoot behind the A-frames.
  • The media wall is self-contained and isolated from the courts. Use of flash will not affect players in the court.
  • The media wall is jam packed. Some people sneaked in front of me without much ethics. Luckily it is not my real day, but I am now prepared.

What to bring next time

  • A 2nd camera and a flash with an ultra-wide angle lens to shoot at the media wall. 
  • A step / stool for shooting behind the A-frame.
  • Also, I am bringing in a special lens that I have a creative shot to do in my mind now. :)