Saturday, 21 December 2013

Recently I was preparing a present for Kris Kringle that is New Year Eve related. I wanted a NYE firework photo to go with it. I pulled out a photo from my repository that intimidate the atmosphere of NYE.

Perhaps it is my habit or just natural to professional photographer, I went into much effort to mat the photo.

I like to do the matting myself, as it adds a personal touch to the photo. The cooking is the most important procedure, but well garnish would make it perfect.


Textbook definition saying matting will prevent the photo from damaging.
  • The backboard adds support to the photo from damaging the corners and helps to lay flat the photo. It doesn't look nice if the photo pops unevenly.
  • The mat acts as a spacer that prevents water condensation from the glass frame.
  • The edge of the mat board let the image separate from the busy surroundings.
  • The bevel cut in the middle of the mat draws attention of the readers to the picture, and isolation from the background.


Use a pencil and ruler to do the measurements at the back of the mounting board, try to place the photo in the center of the board.

Adjust the mat cutter to the right length for the edge.

Slide the cutter along the pencil marking. Be careful at the 4 corners of the window, it is ok to over cut the intersection a little. This cutter is position at 45 degrees to the horizon, it gives the mat frame a nice bevel edge.

After cutting the 4 edges, the window will come off the mat frame.

Final Step

The next part is to glue the photo, backboard and mat board together. There are few ways to do it. Usually I would use the dry press mount method, but I don't have the dry press machine with me. Since for my purpose, the real gift of the Kris Kringle was not the photo, so I chose an easier way.

I used a glue stick to glue the photo onto the backboard. I then used acid free double side tapes to stick the mat board and backboard together. The only problem is that it is not as permanent as dry press mount, and it doesn't stay well for larger prints.