Sunday, 15 December 2013


When Ainslee and Bi initially approached me about their wedding photography needs, they had their venue and the date set, but other itineraries were not finalized. Thank you to our simple and transparent pricing structure in Sunny Wong Photography, we made everything easy and flexible to work with their schedule. One strike on their to-do list and their full day wedding photos are covered.


Ceremony is done by the Opera house in the afternoon. It is set with a beautiful Sydney Harbour Bridge as a backdrop. With a strong back lit from the sun, I used a fill flash technique to light them up, so that we can see their smiling face but not their silhouette.

Location Shoot

Location shoot is done in the Rocks area and the Royal Botanic Garden. These are the most beautiful places for portraiture. The iconic and heritage area provides an elegant and classic scene for the beautiful couples.

As I am a local Sydney photographer in the area, I know all the little alley and secret area such that we were not distracted by crowds or tourists.


The reception is set at the Guillaume at Bennelong in the Sydney Opera House. The venue is light up by dim candle lights only, a very smooth and relax environment for reception, but the lack of light caused a big challenge for the photographer.

There are generally 2 approaches in this situation. It is either flash or no flash.


By firing flash, I can freeze actions and get crispy sharp photos easily. Topped by my external power pack, I can easily fire continuous shots at high flash power output without much technical issues. However, as flash has a much higher power than candles, the scene will render into very dull and smartphone-type photos. 

No Flash

A more professional and difficult way is by using "no flash". As a photographer, I am trained to read light directions and intensity by naked eyes. By combinging my skills with with my state of the art Canon 1DX camera, I am able use very dim ambient light to light up my subjects, so that photo will have a touch of warmth by preserving the mood.

Other Highlights