Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Taking an assignment to take photos in the Sydney V8 Supercar event for magazine publication purpose. How do I do it? What equipments do I bring? What techniques do I use? Let's find out.


8th December, 2013


Sydney Olympic Park


Sunny / 21 C


  • Canon 1DX, 5D2
  • Canon 24-70/2.8, 70-200/2.8
  • Flash
  • Ear Plugs


  • Use AI Servo, focus the front of the car and use panning technique.
  • Use Tv to set the speed at 1/1250, then work my way down until a speed just before I am getting lots of blur shots.
  • Low ISO.
  • The ear plugs were useful for many speakers that were pretty loud around the site. The cars were pretty loud too.


There are dedicated "holes" for photographers to shoot. There is another fence behind this pathway, that's where other spectators stand.

Where I am standing and point my camera to the track
Some of the holes are dedicated for staff

The cars move very fast on a straight road, I was barely able to get a shot at the corner before they turn.

I seem to have a better luck at the corner before they turn to the final straight line / pit.

I pretty much left my 5D2 on the ground most of the time. I barely able to get 1 shot when the car flied pass. I would just leave it at home next time. With my 1DX, I get about 3 shots at highest speed.

Next time, I would swap the 16-35mm for the 24-70mm, some of the cars were too close to me when they drive with the out-in-out technique and I was at the inner corner. A belt harness system would be useful too. I didn't need to change focal length much, and when I do, I pretty much stick with that for awhile. It would be more versatile and practical if I only had 1 camera body.