Sunday, 23 June 2013


It is an honour to be the wedding photographer for David and Tam on their big day. David approached me for their photography needs with a tight budget. In Sunny Wong Photography, we are strived to provide professional and yet flexible solution to our clients. There are no jobs too big or too small for us.


After an interview with David, I learnt that they are both professionals from the design industry. After seeing their works in their studio, I tailor made a solution for them so that the photos are delivered in raw and their designers can retouch the photos. I was able to pass on my cost savings to my clients for their other wedding budgets. It was a good outcome for everyone.


The ceremony was located by the reflection pool in the Auburn Japanese Garden. It was a beautiful sunny day at noon. As a photographer, it was not the best quality of light I could use in a day. With the sun direction directly above us, I get harsh shadows on my subject.

[reflection pool]

However, as a wedding and event photographer, I work with the situation but not against it. I mounted 2 powerful strobes at guide number 58 on both of my cameras that would allow me to use the fill flash technique to overcome the situation. I have also attached an external power pack for my strobes, so that I will get a faster recycle time even at rapid fire mode. :)

[2 camera powerpack pics]

Location Shoot

Location shoot was done at The Rocks area. It is one of the popular spot that I usually shoot because the mood it can add to my photos by its historical atmosphere.

At their request, our location shoot is more focused with the family. I decided to do something more fun than typically just standing in 2 rows.


Reception is held in a very spacious Chinese restaurant with more than 20 tables, a red carpet through a wedding arch, a dance floor and a photo booth. Lots of guests with many things happening in different area.

One of the most important job was to shoot for their dancing. Fast movements in a low light situation is usually a challenge for photographers. However, as I am familiar to shooting indoor sports in dim light situation, I found it was actually fun and enjoyable to shoot their dancing.


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